Washing the Second Step

My daughter just began the most wonderful blog (my unbiased assessment) to share her writing with the rest of us. I thought I would share one of her posts with you. Here’s a snippet…

In a world where the common call to people my age is to do big, enormous, ambitious things, it’s an act of resistance to stay rooted and revel in the mundane. And it’s also an act that takes me a great deal of courage. When I feel overwhelmed in my work, relationships, and world, it is too easy to desire the next best thing, too easy for me to see this season as a mere stepping stone leading to my “real adult life” that hasn’t arrived yet. So it’s often my prayer that the Lord opens my eyes to what’s right in front of me, that He would help me to love my people well, to do my job well, heartily, as unto the Lord.

By all means, click here and visit her blog and read her beautiful and insightful posts. I can only aspire to write as well.

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