If Men Will Pray

I am part of a spiritual fellowship that, among other things, seeks to encourage and equip men to become godly men who seek first the Kingdom of God and desire to extend it into every sphere of their lives.

Resources for Godly Manhood

Below are some resources from The Fellowship of Ailbe that are intended to help men do just that (a video, booklet, article, as well as the opportunity to subscribe to an email newsletter that focuses on how men of God can pray for themselves, their families, churches, communities, and so on. (And, of course, you can always check back here to the “Godly Manhood Blog” where I hope to provide helpful resources, as well as my own reflections, that will spur you on to love and good deeds as godly men.

(You can also take a look at… and order… these booklets on the different facets of godly manhood that I wrote. I’ll soon be putting together some videos on these booklets to share details concerning what to expect in each booklet, as well as ways to make the best use of them.)

The Question

And so, here’s the question: What might happen if men truly begin praying… crying out to God in petition and intercession? How might God move in and through the lives of godly men who are calling on him to do a great work of reformation and revival? The possibilities are as limitless as God. And so, on that note, please take a look at these resources from The Fellowship of Ailbe…

“God is seeking men who are earnest about seeking Him in prayer. He promises great blessings to us if we will heed His call and take up the work of prayer with greater consistency and power. Our booklet, If Men Will Pray, can lead you through 30 days of prayer to a richer, fuller, more powerful and more satisfying life of prayer. Watch this brief video, then order your copy of If Men Will Pray.”

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